Dear Residents,

As the Yangon Regional Government has officiated commencement of businesses starting from 20th of April, we would like to inform you that the Project/Construction works in the estate site will commence with enhanced due diligence.

All workers entering star city will directly travel to the construction sites (in a vehicle) through the construction access route marked in the picture below. Workers are NOT permitted to have any free movement within Star City and all workers will remain inside the boundary of their projects at all time.
Please be assured that the management team will continue the efforts of all covid-19 preventive measures as stated in our level 2 notice while adhering to government regulation at all time.

We encourage your cooperation and seek your understanding during this period. We would also like to remind all of us to be vigilant in protecting ourselves and the people around you, by following basic protective measures recommended by the Ministry of Health & Sports.

Do not hesitate to write to us any specific concerns and clarification you may have to We will also be communicating with you regularly with information and updates through our official communication channels.